and too much smoke (themcquiadbros) wrote in depp_challenge,
and too much smoke

This community has, unfortunately, not been very successful. If you would like to take over maintainership of this community, please leave a comment and I'll be glad to give you maintainership. I will take myself of the list but add myself as a member.
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well i don't mind helpin out but u can't give up yet ^^ all u need is a helpin hand and help with advertisin the community...and i'll help with that ^^ but this is a good idea for a community and will do all i can to help in anyway possible without u givin up >< *hugs* just say the word ^^
p.s name a challenge to get people started because people have probably joined since u last posted ^^
aw thank you =)
do you think i should start over (as far as the info [rules and such] and the look and a brand new challenge)?

since it might be easier, my aim sn is omggg mango
YAY!! >< *hugs* not givin up >< i think thats a good i said if u need any help i don't mind helpin and all ^^ i'm just glade u've decides to carry on ^^*love and lemons ^^*
hey i was just thinkin...what type of challenges are they...are they like...all icons must have images of johnny depp wearin as many johnny depp icon within one hour?? or is it everyone votes on the best icon....OR!! is it like 100 icon challenge to make 100 icons of him? ^^ i just wasn't quite sure ^^ *hugs* i'll give u a hand if u want with this ok
sorry i didnt answer right away, my email doesnt work so idk when people comment. anyway, its just an icon challege like every other one, everyone makes an icon and people vote on what they think is best. but i have a good idea of what i can do later on.

the 1st place winner of the first challenge will get to be the default icon, then another 1st place winner will get to be a comm. icon or default, and then other, then, once we get three, we'll vote and that'll become/remain the default or icon of the month...something like that